1981 Mainland 400 HP Double Drum Double Workover rig


1981 Mainland 400 HP Double Drum Workover rig Rig #219-similar to a Cooper Rig

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LISTED ON: 07/04/2017
ITEM #: RP1412
MAKE: Mainland


1981 Mainland 350 HP Double Drum Double Mast
Rig #219
Engine: Detroit 60 Series

Transmission: Allison 5-speed automatic Differentials: 46,000lb locking
Front Suspension: 18,000lb axle with multi leaf spring Rear Suspension: Hendrickson RS rubber block
Tires Front: Continental 425/65R22.5 Condition: Very Good Tires Rear: Mixed Brands 12R22.5 Condition: Very Good Wheels Front & Rear: Steel bud
Additional Information: Positive air shut down system.
Mast Information

Max Static Hook Load: 120,000lbs or 53,400 daN and 4 lines Max Wind W/O Setback: 69 M.P.H.
Additional Information: 75 ton McKissick travel block. Currently there are approximately 16,811 hours on the level IV inspection after the rig was re-certified. Overall this service rig appears to be in fair to condition and should have an approximately 2 to 4 year lifespan before its next level IV inspection.

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About this Equipment


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