OIME E-2000 hp Drilling Rig Package for Immediate Sale !!


Drilling Rig Priced for Quick Sale -- Serious inquiries ONLY

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About this Equipment

LISTED ON: 11/03/2014
ITEM #: RP1301
ASKING PRICE: Priced for Quick Sale call for info - 303-887-9322
LOCATION: Houston, Texas


Inventory :
* OILWELL E-2000 single drum draw works
* Elmagco 7838 electric brake
* Two (2) GE 752’s
* LEE C MOORE cantilever mast 142’ x 1,300,000 lbs SHL
* 9 sheave crown grooved for 1 1/2” wire line
* LEE C MOORE swing-up substructure
* 30’ floor height -- 26’ clear height
* 1,000,000lb rotary capacity
800,000lb setback capacity
* OILWELL A-1700 PT triplex mud pump
rigged out with (2) GE 752’s
* BREWSTER P-1600 triplex mud pump
with Two (2) GE 752’s
* ROSS HILL model 1400
Four-bay SCR house (rebuilt)
* CANRIG 500 ton top drive with drive house
* NATIONAL IR 3080 Iron rough neck
* OILWELL 500 ton block with BJ 5500 Dynaplex hook
* NATIONAL P-650 swivel
* OILWELL 27 1/2” rotary table
* KOOMEY 180 gal 7 station air
and electric accumulator with remote

* P/b Three (3) CATERPILLAR D399TA’s
each with
KATO 1050 KW generators
cold start and wired
Three (3) Mud tanks with stirrers, shakers
electric centrifugal pumps
de-sander, de-slilter
cyclone 10’ x 45’ pusher house
air compressors
trip tank
Oil bin
driller dog house
ODS dog house
mixing house
fuel tank
derrick stand
water tanks
survey unit
storage house and many extras!!

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About this Equipment


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