Wire Line Truck -- 2005 Double Drum (Otis/Halliburton)


2005 (Otis/Halliburton)Double Drum Wireline Truck for sale! Truck is like new inside and out! Grea

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LISTED ON: 04/03/2014
ITEM #: RP1147
LOCATION: Oklahoma, Oklahoma
YEAR: 2005
MAKE: Otis/Haliburton
MODEL: 330hp


2005 (Otis/Halliburton)Double Drum Wireline Truck for sale!
Truck is like new inside and out! Great working condition! Tires in good shape. Plenty of tool storage area.

(tools sold separately, see below for details)

Truck Specs:
* 2005 Kenworth Truck 330hp Cat motor
* 1990 Aluminum box (Otis/Gearhart)
* 1st drum 25,000 of .092 High Strength Slickline
* 2nd drum 30,000 capacity for 3/16 Braided or Electric line
* Both Measuring head assemblies complete
* 4 speed transmission for wireline operations
* Separate brake control levers for each drum. (mechanical)
* Air condition in truck and in Operators compartment
* Veeder Root counter set up to run both drums for measuring
* Hydraulic cooling system to maintain hydraulic temperature
* Truck equipped with air brakes and air ride suspension
* Air assisted military hitch on back bumper
* Aluminum Alcoa wheels
* Hub Odometer shows 46,133 miles
* Engine hours is 4,269.2 hrs
Odometer on dash moves when you go in hole!

Purchase Truck and Mast Separately or as a package -- contact for pricing

Unit is extremely nice and dependable!

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About this Equipment


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